Video Communication

More than half of communication efficiency is determined by tone of voice and body language, and many of these important nonverbal details are lost in email exchanges or conference calls. Face-to-face communication is more personal, building a higher level of trust, reducing confusion, and increasing accountability.

Of course in today’s business environment communicating in person is not always possible. But telepresence and videoconferencing enable the next best thing: instant, virtual in-person communication, even when people are miles apart.

Many organizations consider telepresence and videoconferencing to be critical cost-reduction tools. Almost 90 percent of video collaboration technology users benefit from reduced travel and cost savings. Not only can video save money and improve productivity, it can also help you:

  • Make decisions faster: Minimize travel time and trying to explain complex problems over email. Video enables all parties to share ideas, show detailed images, and take action more quickly.
  • Provide immediate access to experts: Extend the expertise of a few people to your entire organization without travel. Video streaming and archiving solutions let you record and store expert knowledge for accessibility by anyone at any time.
  • Bring your organization together: Global expansion, mergers, or outsourcing resources can put distance between people and project goals. A virtual meeting room helps keep everyone up-to-date and builds company culture.
  • Improve work-life balance: Travel often means stress and sacrificing family and personal time. Attending meetings by video or working from home allows employees to balance their work and personal life.
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