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Internet always and everywhere: Free WiFi in the City

Moving forward into the Digital Age

The European Commission (EC) has published a Digital Agenda whose primary objective is the development of a digital domestic market to support smart, sustainable and integrative growth in Europe. To achieve this, the EC wants to encourage private investment and to double the public spending in ICT development. The goal is to create an area-wide availability of inexpensive and ultra - fast internet access, for everyone.

Another step towards an innovative future is the Smart City: energy, space, time and money are used dynamically - as they are just required by the current needs in every single moment. The ICT infrastructure of the smart city is cross-linked in an intelligent network in order to create added value by the exchange of data like status, demands and capacities. Information is available whenever and wherever it is needed.

Ergoman has set itself the goal to actively participate in this change. Therefore, we have dealt very early with the necessary technologies and elaborated us a high level of expertise in all specific areas. This ranges from the implementation and optimization of networks and ranges up to their management. An important factor for us is the high quality of our WiFi networks, in particular concerning speed, availability, security and the protection of its users. We apply the same safety requirements and security standards to our public WiFi networks that we also apply to corporate networks.

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