Cognos Enterprise

IBM Cognos Enterprise is a portfolio of integrated business intelligence and performance management solutions that supports the way users want to work and can help everyone in your organization meet strategic objectives. It is part of the Cognos 10 family of products that enable your organization to start anywhere to quickly satisfy urgent business requirements and grow your solution over time to address future needs.

Cognos Enterprise meets the needs of the business, finance and IT with powerful and scalable business intelligence and performance management solutions that support all business decisions - organization wide. Cognos Enterprise helps users freely explore information, analyze key facts, quickly collaborate to gain alignment with key stakeholders and plan and act with confidence to drive better business outcomes.

With Cognos Enterprise, everyone is equipped with what they need to help your organization outperform, including reports, analysis, statistics, dashboards, what-if analysis, plans, budgets and more.

Cognos Enterprise is part of the Cognos family, a collection of software that addresses the business intelligence and performance management needs of individuals, workgroups, midsize businesses and large enterprises.

To meet the needs of the business, finance and IT, Cognos Enterprise combines powerful and scalable business intelligence and performance management products that support the business decisions of hundreds and even thousands of people - organization wide. IBM Cognos Enterprise includes:

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

For the best business outcomes, your company needs agile business intelligence software designed to help users assess facts, reinvent strategy and adjust plans. To help business users, executives and analysts in your organization understand the business and make smarter decisions, Cognos Business Intelligence offers a full range of BI capabilities, including reports, analysis, dashboards, scorecards, mobile BI and more.

IBM Cognos Insight

Cognos Insight puts the power of business analytics directly in the hands of business users and analysts. More than just a discovery tool, it helps you analyze data to solve problems or seize new opportunities quickly, all from the convenience of your desktop. In a few clicks of the mouse, you can access and visualize personal and corporate data, evaluate what-if scenarios and publish your work to the enterprise.

IBM Cognos TM1

Cognos TM1 raises planning and what-if analysis to new levels of responsiveness with plans and forecasts driven by analysis, modeling, structured workflow and reports. It ties finance to operations to help uncover new business opportunities, increase profits and manage capital effectively. And, it facilitates dynamic planning, from target setting and template design to budget rollout, reporting, analysis and reforecasting.