WAN Optimization

Flexible WAN Optimization delivers cloud and data application performance for an improved end-user experience.

Our complete and versatile range of intelligent application aware solutions enables satellite and terrestrial service providers to offer SMBs and Enterprises alike a better user experience for their privately and publicly hosted Cloud and data applications in a simple and cost effective manner: Businesses accelerated and prioritized data access for improved performance of critical applications made easy!



Application performance

Improve application performance through traffic prioritization for critical Cloud applications Deliver LAN-like speeds over the WAN through content-aware detection and elimination of repeated data in common business applications


DSL-like speeds

Deliver DSL-like speeds for satellite and wireless-based services up to 25% more data throughput than leading competitors using advanced compression and acceleration techniques


Acceleration AND visibility

A single platform identifies and resolves application performance issues thanks to our advanced visibility and control capabilities, delivering accelerated WAN performance


Set up and manage easily

The OneAccess WAN optimization solutions feature automatic set-up, configuration and remote monitoring and management capabilities, paving the way for managed services




WAN Optimization Platforms

Acceleration management for flows of 10-800 Mbps; 250–12.000 TCP sessions

Visibility and control management for flows of 20-1.000 Mbps

Selected platforms offer secure IP routing and accelerated VPN concentration


Acceleration and compression functions

Provides LAN-like speeds by accelerating VPN over public, private and satellite networks

Compression and de-duplication of redundant data


APM - Visibility and control functions

Deep Packet Inspection for application recognition

Prioritization of network flows according to application

Traffic probes enable network troubleshooting analysis and drill-down reporting