Lifecycle Management of Technical Environment

Lifecycle Management of Technical Environment

A modern information system must be designed in such a way that all information and relationships of technology environment are kept in a uniform database-driven system to avoid multiple entries, inconsistencies and thus scheduled misinformation. Graphic, alphanumeric and schematic representations of technical systems must be created on the basis of a one-time data entry.

The operation of technical systems also means organizing business processes that should be mapped by the IT-system into workflows. Using different systems have one thing in common: the data are inconsistent; management becomes a challenge with each Change of information.

We offer robust digital transformation solution to manage, monitor, document and control all assets and processes of the complete technical environment in order to centralize the administration of the technology equipment and reduce operational costs. 

Our Robust solution manages equipment in real-time, generates Work Orders, as well as equipment configuration, manages maintenance activities and analyzes contract costs.

Benchmarks on technical and financial data for each technological equipment is recorded on a centralized database, leading to a more efficient assessment of the technical infrastructure and the performance of the equipment.

We offer our customers, professional solutions, engineering and consulting to construct and manage their technology environment efficient.

The modular and scalable system includes functionality for:

  • OSS (telecommunication industry)
  • Building Automation
  • Assetmanagement
  • Facility Management
  • Cable Management
  • Billing/ Accounting
  • Workflow/ Problemmanagement
  • Statusmanagement
  • Service Management