Our People

Succeed with Our People!

Our people combine high academic and professional education along with long time experience in complex projects. We guarantee a successful on-time, on-budget and on-expectations implementation.

Our executives have proven experience in representing globally leading enterprise telecom & IT vendors in the market.


Dimitrios Manoussos - President & Managing Director

Dimitrios Manoussos studied telecom engineering in Germany (Dipl. Ing. Nachrichtentechnik, Giessen Technical Institute) and worked in engineering and management positions at numerous German network integrators and Telecom Operators (1990-96).  In 1996-98 he was a business manager at O.TEL.O, a leading alternative carrier in Germany, and in 1998-2001 he served as the President and CEO of PanDacom Hellas Telecom Solutions.  In 2001 he founded ERGOMAN S.A. Today is CEO and President at Ergoman and Consultant for Telecom & IT Companies.


Dr. Nikolaos Kyriazis - Vice President

Prof. Nikolas Kyriazis studied Economics in Germany (B.A. and Ph.D. University of Bonn) and started his career at the Directorate of Research of the European Parliament (1981-89). He has served as a special assistant to the Minister of the Economy, special advisor at the National Bank of Greece, director of the National Center of Public Administration, and Vice Chairman of the Kostas Kyriazis Foundation, a leading Greek charity.  Since 1993, he has held a number of directorships at the corporate and the subsidiary closed end fund-level of Alpha Trust, the leading independent asset management company in Greece.  He is currently an associate professor of Economics at the University of Thessaly and he has held visiting positions at the University of Trier, the University of Erfurt, and Harvard University.  Since 2001 Kyriazis is Vice President of Ergoman.


Michael D. Shabanzadeh – Business Development & Sales Manager

He made his Master Degree of computer science with the minors psychology and economics in Saarbruecken/Germany.  During this time he worked as a scientific assistant at several chairs and broadened his experience as team player, problem solver and moderator.
During his studies he found his first company for computer hardware, electronics and telephony systems. After his completion of studies at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) he stayed there for two more years and then, in 1998, he changed to a publishing company in Heidelberg to work there as project manager and software designer.
In 2000 he continued his career by changing to the Private Banking sector at Banque de Luxembourg where he worked as project manager in the IT back office with responsibilities for transaction management and electronic account management.
In 2002 he moved for private reasons to Stuttgart and accepted a new challenge at Cap Gemini as project manager and Senior Consultant.
Since 2006 he set the focus on consulting & services for telecommunication systems in his own company that he kept until 2013 before integrating it into Ergoman Group of Companies.


Angelika Bogadaki – Financial director

Angelika Bogadaki has been working for Ergoman from the first day that the company established and she is in charge of the financial procedures. She has a 20 years experience in the financial accounting and a strong experience in hospitality and ICT Sector.


Gregory Tsoumanis - Director of Products & Telecom Business

Gregory Tsoumanis studied Electrical Engineering in Germany and UK (Diploma, University of Applied Science, Darmstadt, and M.S., University of Central England, Birmingham) with concentrations in telecoms and systems design and computer networks, respectively. He has held internships at the Research and Technology Center of Deutsche Telecom in Darmstadt/Germany, and Fujitsu Telecom Europe, based in Germany. He has worked as a marketing manager at Mannesmann’s D2 cellular subsidiary in Frankfurt/Germany and as a network engineer, first at the University of Florence and then at the Greek University Network (GUNET) in Athens. In 2000-01 he was a Technical Director at PanDacom Hellas Telecom Solutions.  Since 2001, Tsoumanis is the Director of the Products & Telecom Business Development and is a Member of Board of ERGOMAN.


Ioannis Gousis – Sales Director

Ioannis Gousis. He began his career in 1982 at Siemens AG, Munich, where he was responsible for Public Telecommunications concerning International Sales until 1988.
He continued his career up to 1992 at Nixdorf Munich taking responsibilities in the Private Telecommunications in the fields of Product Management, Sales Support and Marketing for the German and International Markets. With the Nixdorf take over by Siemens he joined the Private Telecommunications until 1993 and then he moved to Siemens Greece and in 1998 took over as Head of the Siemens Enterprise Business Unit in Athens.
He has been the Sales Director of the Siemens Enterprise department at Athens being responsible for Greece, Bulgaria, FYROM, Albania, Cyprus, Romania and Armenia. In 2010 he joined Alcatel-Lucent taking over the Key Account Management of Industry and Public Sector, as well as of Telecom Operators in Greece and Cyprus.
He holds a university degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Telecommunications and a Master Degree in Business Administration from the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. He speaks Greek, German, English, and conversational Spanish.


Nassos Apokotou - Professional Services Manager

Nassos Apokotou holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, a degree in Manufacturing and Operations Management and a degree in Information Technology. During his career in the IT arena he has served in various managerial positions such as Application Development Manager, IT Manager, Professional Services Manager etc. Currently he holds the position of Professional Services Manager at Ergoman.


Stefanos Manousis – Marketing & Product Manager

Stefanos Manousis hold a BSc in Civil & Infrastructure Engineering, a BSc in Digital systems and a lot of technical and sales certifications in the IT area. During his career he has worked as a Management information systems consultant & Trainer, as an IT Trainer and as an Account executive. Currently he holds the position of Marketing & Product Manager at Ergoman.