Document Management

Ergoman’s document management solution offers central availability of all contract relevant documents without time-consuming file search to be needed.

Working from scanned documents destined for tam-perproof filing, archives all documents such as meeting minutes as PDF files, Excel files, XML files, CAD drawings, etc. and is fully integrated into central Enterprise Information Management application.

Central storage and decentralized access to all documents allows efficient, paperless document management at all times without time-consuming file searches.

Ergoman’s document management capabilities include:

  • Content-independence
  • Management of all file types
  • Digital preservation
  • Version management
  • Classification and categorization of documents
  • Responsibility
  • Check in / check out
  • Document indexing
  • Full-text search
  • History of management information
  • Current documents in processing per person responsible
  • Linking to files, contracts, offers etc.
  • Search criteria, filters and analyses
Relative Product: The Quality Group